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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “April, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 26

DAY 2604.30.07TREE 30 & 31
What a climb to end on my first month here! I explored more of the Sanctuary for about 3 hours on a hot afternoon. On the edge of a clearing was a tree with a big windy branch that twisted low to the ground right over the path. [...]

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DAY 25

DAY 2504.29.07TREE 29
Today’s tree caused incredible frustration. I picked one right next to the retreat center by the parking lot. The first branch was an easy grab and from there, an easy climb up this large branch. I stopped when the branch started to get too thin but the trunk near by [...]

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DAY 24

DAY 2404.28.07TREE 27 & 28
Lately I’ve been wandering to areas of the Sanctuary I haven’t visited yet to find trees to climb. Over beyond the white water tower in the field I found 3 more trail heads I can’t wait to explore. From across the field I saw large trees on the edge [...]

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DAY 23

DAY 2304.27.07TREE 26
A disappointing and scary climb. I picked a tree on the edge of a wood so only one side of the tree had decent branches. Plus, the first branch was so high I had to start way out where it hung down and shimmy towards the trunk. Once on that [...]

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DAY 22

DAY 2204.26.07TREE 25
After dropping off a resident at the airport I made my way to Iroquois Park. I waited for the rain to break and headed for the North Overlook. I was careful to select a tree I was comfortable climbing in the wet conditions. I didn’t have a lot to choose [...]

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DAY 21

DAY 2104.25.07TREE 24
Well, my sleeping schedule is still on West Coast time. I go to bed around 2 AM and get up around 10 AM. And this morning it wasn’t the sun that woke me, it was the sound of wind. Maybe it is the old house or the trees just outside [...]

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DAY 20

DAY 2004.24.07TREE 23
Today’s climb was also pretty convenient and not too far from the house. But today is the first day I’ve felt hot climbing. The tree itself was not too big around but the climbable branches went all the way up. It was a fun climb and I almost got to [...]

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DAY 19

DAY 1904.23.07TREE 22
I climbed another very convenient tree today. Just as you exit the Loftus House out of the side door by the kitchen there are a few trees. I climbed the closest one to the stairs. Today’s climb felt real good. I felt as though I’m getting more and more [...]

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DAY 18

DAY 18
Another amazing, warm spring day. Thunder Over Louisville was awesome and the whole day yesterday was fun. And today I had a great bar-b-que at Drew’s. On the way there I stopped at Seneca Park, and instead of being picky, I chose the closest tree to where I parked. It was right along [...]

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DAY 17

DAY 1704.21.07TREE 20
Today’s tree was a little boring. It wasn’t that challenging, I didn’t get that high, and with my paranoia of bugs I found myself preoccupied with every little itch or twitch on my body. Death to the tics! Plus, Rachel called while I was up there, and she wasn’t in [...]

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