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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “May, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 57

DAY 5705.31.07TREE 63
I walked the stone and grass trail along side the woods towards the white Mount St. Francis water tower. I passed by a tree I had climbed in early April and almost couldn’t recognize it with all the accumulated growth. As I walked I was constantly bothered and buzzed by bugs [...]

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DAY 56

DAY 5605.30.07TREE 62
Today I chose to climb a tree that I have climbed many times before. I drove into Cherokee Park and was coming up to Frisbee Field where during high school and summers between college my friends and I played ultimate countless times. There is this tree that was like home base. [...]

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DAY 55

DAY 5505.29.07TREE 61
With today’s tree it is debatable whether it is one or two trees. Ultimately I chose to categorize it as one tree with two trunks. Since they are joined at the base, I figured they come from one seed. Why does it matter? Well the far trunk from the field [...]

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DAY 54

DAY 5405.28.07TREE 60
I went to Norman’s again on an invitation. It’s nice to have him back in town. We went for a swim and helped him get a fridge and sink in at his house. While he built the stand for his sink I went for a stroll in the woods along [...]

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DAY 53

DAY 5305.27.07TREE 59
I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going to climb today since I was going to my parents’ for a cookout dinner and the trees aren’t so climb-friendly there. I eyed the rest stop off I-71 on the way there and thought I could stop there on the way back if I [...]

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DAY 52

DAY 5205.26.07TREE 58
I chose today’s tree from another time I was driving by my old high school and noticed a very nice tree out front. Since I was going to be there anyway, I stopped off and called a high school friend, Julio, who was very close by, to join me. While I [...]

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DAY 51

DAY 5105.25.07TREE 57
I did a little manual labor in Louisville, Prospect to be precise, on Wednesday and today. On my way home Wednesday I was driving down River Road and noticed some really nice trees along the side of the road by Cox’s Park. So on my way home today I stopped at [...]

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DAY 50

DAY 5005.24.07TREE 56
Today’s tree was a fun challenge. It is located just off the path of the 12 Stations of the Cross, on the edge of the fenced property by the highway. It is so close to the old rusted barbed fence that I used it to get started. I needed to [...]

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DAY 49

DAY 4905.23.07TREE 55
After a long day of emptying the Garners’ basement, Will and I took a stroll to find a tree. But we didn’t go but a few feet before I spotted a possibility right off the driveway. Will asked how I was going to climb it. I told him, “Will, how [...]

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DAY 48

DAY 4805.22.07TREE 54
The day got away from me today. I was rejuvenating my creative force with a different form of expression: music. It felt good to play the guitar and sing a little. But, before I knew it was past 10 PM. So I slipped out of the house and picked [...]

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