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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “June, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 87

DAY 8706.30.07TREE 96
A busy and eventful day. I planned on heading to a bar-b-q around noon but discovered my truck wouldn’t start. After jumping, checking things that I have no idea about and then waiting for Norman, we popped the clutch and got it running. So I headed to Prospect and met [...]

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DAY 86

DAY 8606.29.07TREE 95
I headed to Cherokee Park with a certain tree in mind. I had seen it before driving through many times but there were always too many cars to park close. But today I had my choice. Before I climbed I attached my camera to my new bendy tripod and attached [...]

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DAY 85

DAY 8506.28.07TREE 94
I went out for a walk in the wildlife sanctuary to find a tree to climb. It was about 2 PM and really hot and muggy. The bugs were really bad and as I followed the creek bed they got worse. I felt like one of the African animals that [...]

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DAY 84

DAY 8406.27.07TREE 93
I wanted a convenient tree to climb today. I had put it off and my clay class, which starts at 6 PM and ends at 9, (when it’s getting dark) was soon. So I headed down the Mount St. Francis main drive looking for one of those large trees that line [...]

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DAY 83

DAY 8306.26.07TREE 92
I went to Casey Hornung’s house to pick up a load of dirt for my installation for DIG! He lives in New Albany in a cool little house with a bunch of nice big trees in his yard. I think he said he has four persimmon trees. After shoveling the [...]

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DAY 82

DAY 8206.25.07TREE 91
My arms are worn out! I can barely write. I’m kinda having a shitty day and getting out to climb always helps. I picked another tree right off the parking lot next to the retreat center. I think I had eyed it before and deemed the first branch too [...]

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DAY 81

DAY 8106.24.07TREE 90
Not wanting to have a risky climb I decided to go to a nearby park to climb. It had rained all day and everything was all wet. I found a park online that wasn’t too far from the Mount. But I drove around and couldn’t find it. So I [...]

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DAY 80

DAY 8006.23.07TREE 89
After uninstalling my bodies at Actors Theatre and dropping a couple off at DIG! I drove to Tyler Park off Baxter Avenue. I had heard of the park and recently had driven past it on my way to Joe Creason Park. It turned out to be a bigger and nicer park [...]

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DAY 79

DAY 7906.22.07TREE 88
It is the day of my first show in Louisville. Actors Theatre’s The Late Seating: Endless Summer Party. I installed five bodies for the event and will be doing a performance/demonstration. After I installed and checked out the place for my next show I accidentally got onto the 2nd Street [...]

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DAY 78

DAY 7806.21.07TREE 87
With two shows coming up and the busy house to run all by myself I’m feeling a little busy, stressed but happy. I’m getting my work done and skimping on the house a little, but I’m okay with that. So before my first install at Actors Theatre I parked by the [...]

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