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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “July, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 118

DAY 11807.31.07TREE 30 & 31
I headed out on a mission. A busy day with lots to do but I was really excited about this reclimb. I walked out to the sanctuary by the white water tower and took the second path. I wasn’t 100% sure where I was going and that became [...]

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DAY 117

DAY 11707.30.07TREE 29
YES! I did it. This climb made me feel so much better. Last time I got all scared and didn’t climb further when I saw the possibility. I think from that day forward I made a conscious effort to take the risk. Always go higher, it’s worth it. [...]

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DAY 116

DAY 11607.29.07TREE 27 & 28
Going out with a positive and open mind. No expectations for climbing or conditions, and my thought of death and injury heavy on the mind. I took the path to the patch of woodswith my odd pair of trees in it. Close to the creek the small young [...]

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DAY 115

DAY 11507.28.07TREE 26
Last time I climbed this tree I was really frustrated because I couldn’t get past the second branch. After that I knew that in my second attempt I would do better. This tree in the sanctuary is on the edge of a field where the sun is, but this tree is [...]

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DAY 114

DAY 11407.27.07TREE 25
This reclimb was funny. Like the first time I climbed, it was a rainy day today. But there was no break in the rain like there was before. I worked a lot of the day in sprinkling rain at Norman’s, helping him build his deck. We swam then I [...]

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DAY 113

DAY 11307.26.07TREE 24
Unlike the previous climb, the wind was not blowing in large gusts. There was a breeze, but not much of one in the woods back by the white water tower here at Mount St. Francis. As I looked for my tree I was lucky that the path had been mowed because [...]

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DAY 112

DAY 11207.25.07TREE 23
Today’s reclimb was down the path off the main drive into Mount St. Francis. It grows just behind a little bricked and paved seating area in the woods. Little black raccoon foot prints are on the little brick wall. This tree was fun and it wore my arms out. [...]

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DAY 111

DAY 11107.24.07TREE 22
With a house full of very lively and friendly characters I thought I would invite them to witness today’s reclimb since it was so conveniently located right outside the side door of the house. Larry, Margie, and Beth all came outside and sat at the table to watch my climb. I [...]

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DAY 110

DAY 11007.23.07TREE 21
I headed into Louisville to go to Seneca Park to reclimb the tree on the edge of the road. The park was crowded with people but luckily this time there wasn’t an annoying person yelling at their unresponsive dog. I started up the tree the same as before. I stepped [...]

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DAY 109

DAY 10907.22.07TREE 20
The first time I climbed this tree I didn’t have the best experience. I think it was the only time I felt like it was a chore. It scared me that that was the case and that doing a daily project like this may turn into that. Luckily it never [...]

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