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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “August, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 149

DAY14908.31.07TREE 102
I left the Mary Anderson Center and my work in my show for a long weekend at my grandma’s. I drove up to Upper Sandusky, Ohio with my parents and got in around 2pm. It was an amazingly beautiful day. The heat and humidity has finally waned. Just before we [...]

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DAY 148

DAY 14808.30.07TREE 65
I was excited about todays climb because the first time was an amazing experience. It was the first time I had truly made it to the very top of a tree. But I was a little hung over today from last nights final clay class and also a little apprehensive about [...]

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DAY 147

DAY 14708.29.07TREE 64
Another day of passing out promotional ads for my show. This time around I went to Germantown in Louisville. On my way there I stopped at Central Park to climb my tree. Another really hot day. I walked up to the tree and looked again for possible ways [...]

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DAY 146

DAY 14608.28.07TREE 62
I went into Louisville today to pick up my prints for the show, drop off postcards and posters, and pick up my lettering. I stopped off at frisbee field to reclimb the tree I have climbed many times before. Only this time, instead of a flood of memories, I was confronted [...]

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DAY 145

DAY 14508.27.07TREE 63
For convenience sake, I chose to skip tree 62 and leave it for tomorrow and climb tree 63 today. Originally I thought I might jumble up the order of reclimbing those 99 trees but I have enjoyed climbing them in order this far. But practicality and frugality won out this time. [...]

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DAY 144

DAY 14408.26.07TREE 61
I walked past all the boy scouts cleaning up the picnic towards the ropes course area just off the stone path. Lost in thought, I almost walked right past my tree. But I looked up and I quickly remembered what I had walked out here for. To reclimb this tree [...]

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DAY 143

DAY 14308.25.07TREE 60
Another packed, busy day. I got up early after getting to bed late ’cause I knew I had a lot to do. I finally got a hold of Norman and since he is dog sitting he wasn’t at his house. So he came to MACA to give me Lloyd and [...]

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DAY 142

DAY 14208.24.07TREE 59
I’ve been getting a lot accomplished today. I really feel good about the progress I’m making for my show. And for dinner I went over to my parents place for BLT’s and a tree reclimb. They also agreed to help out with the food and drink for the show and [...]

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DAY 141

DAY 14108.23.07TREE 58
When I looked in my journal to see which tree I was to recimb today and saw that it was the one at Ballard High School I knew I had some planning to do. For one, last time Julio came out to join me and ended up boosting me into the tree. [...]

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DAY 140

DAY 14008.22.07TREE 57
I’m starting to get really busy getting my show ready, making pottery, trying to do some odd jobs for cash, and anything else that comes up. So today, when I saw that my tree was in Cox’s Park I tried to figure out another reason why I’d need to be in Louisville. [...]

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