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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “September, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 178

DAY 17809.29.07TREE 95
After spending all morning and afternoon at a cross country invitational at Tom Sawyer Park, I headed over to Cherokee Park to climb my tree.  Another sycamore near Dog Hill.  But I couldn’t park near there since some strange medieval war with padded weapons was taking place.  I parked at Hogan’s Fountain and [...]

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DAY 177

DAY 17709.28.07TREE 94
I got up early and headed to Will’s to help him paint the 3rd floor apartment.  It’s empty now and I would love to live there but I don’t have a job yet.  Nor do I have much money which is why I’m painting.  Then after we did that, I went to Chuck’s, [...]

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DAY 176

DAY 17609.27.07TREE 93
I said I was looking for a scary challenge in my last entry… and I got one.  The first time I climbed this big old tree off the Mount St. Francis drive I was in a rush to get to the clay class on time.  I didn’t get very high and I was [...]

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DAY 175

DAY 17509.26.07TREE 92
Off to Casey Hornung’s house on the first rainy day in some time.  And an eventful day at that.  It all started with going down to the clay studio to help Norman and Father Paul.  I offered to take the dirty towels and some aprons to the basement of the house to launder [...]

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DAY 174

DAY 17409.25.07TREE 91
Possibly the last hot day this year.  But you never know.  I walked out onto the Mount St. Francis parking lot readying myself to climb.  Mentally anyway.  I have this desire to be fully self-sufficient when it comes to climbing.  I free climb which means I use no equipment or safety gear, unless [...]

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DAY 173

DAY 17309.24.07TREE 90
This tree is deceptive. It sits right behind a bank in downtown Floyds Knobs. Just across the street from the Marathon station and near Hobb Knobb Coffee. I picked it the first time because it was rainy and I wanted an easy and safe tree. What I got was [...]

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DAY 172

DAY 17209.23.07TREE 89
Idrove to Tyler Park in the evening. I parked and walked directly to my tree by the playground. Kids were all around screaming and playing. I often think kids are going to notice me and make sounds or ask questions. Sometimes I wonder if over-cautious parents would disapprove of [...]

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DAY 171

DAY 17109.22.07TREE 88
On this last, hot day of summer I was very excited to return to tree #88. In my first encounter, I ran across that mother raccoon and her little cubs. I was really hoping to see them in their little den again and witness their growth. But I was also [...]

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DAY 170

DAY 17009.21.07TREE 87
It has been one hot and dry summer with day after day of beautiful blue skies. But even better are the amazing sunsets that cast strong pinks, oranges, and reds through the haze. These last few evenings the sun has been setting around 7:30 and I have been choosing just prior [...]

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DAY 169

DAY 16909.20.07TREE 86
I waited till just after sunset to head to Louisville to climb. Since I was headed to U of L campus I wanted to make a night of it so I called Will to meet me there for some parkour. Only he had fencing and yoga and couldn’t meet me till [...]

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