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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “October, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 209

DAY 20910.30.07TREE 133
It’s Tuesday. The day before I leave MACA. I got up early. I am trying to acclimate my schedule for my upcoming job. I drove all the way to La Grange to get my new Kentucky drivers license. Then I went to a prompt care clinic to get [...]

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DAY 208

DAY 20810.30.07TREE 132
I helped Norman move a washer/dryer up the stairs of Sarah Frederick’s house.  Then I left because I said I had to go back to the Mary Anderson Center to do stuff, ie: get ready to move, train Emily, tie up loose ends.  But before I did, I dropped off some art [...]

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DAY 207

DAY 20710.28.07TREE 131
I knew I was going to be going to Norm’s place for my going away party this evening, but I went much earlier then I expected.  I drove with Norman around 3 or so to help him put up drywall at his house.  We did that for a little till Father Paul showed [...]

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DAY 206

DAY 20610.27.07TREE 130
Today was a long day.  I got up at 7 and got ready, drove to Greenhaven to get paperwork and uniforms for my new job.  Then I picked up a pumpkin pie for the potluck reception at Carden’s wedding.  I unloaded a bunch of stuff from my studio to my parents’ garage then [...]

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DAY 205

DAY 20510.26.07TREE 129
I helped Karen, a friend of Will’s, move today.  As the morning of moving went on my back felt worse and worse.  The two vertical lines of muscles at my mid-back were in spasm.  It really hurt to twist to the left.  The worst was after lifting a washer and dryer.  Luckily Karen [...]

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DAY 204

DAY 20410.25.07TREE 128
The IUS 3-D class came to the Mount today to see my show today.  I showed them around, they looked at my work, and then we walked the trails around the lake.  One student asked if I had climbed today.  I hadn’t so she asked if she could pick one out for me.  [...]

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DAY 203

DAY 20310.24.07TREE 127
Today was grey and cold.  First day in the 50’s.  I almost can’t handle it.  Seems like just a week ago it was almost 90.  A few weeks of 70’s then 60’s would have been nice.  But really, I love the hot weather.  I never complained.  I’d definitely take hot summers over cold [...]

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DAY 202

DAY 20210.23.07TREE 125 & 126
Today the rain continued to fall without pause.  I helped Norman move a washer/dryer from Sarah Frederick’s apartment to her house.  We ate dinner at Ramsi’s then headed back to MACA.  I was prepared today and wore my raincoat and pants.  Though I wanted to stay inside I figured I’d just [...]

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DAY 201

DAY 20110.22.07TREE 124
When I woke at Norman’s this morning the sky had just a few puffy clouds when the sun broke through.  Quickly more clouds moved in as I ate breakfast and then made my way back to the Mount.  I went through the motions of my daily tasks and the rain began to fall.  [...]

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DAY 200

DAY 20010.21.07TREE 123
I went to Norman’s again this Sunday for another dinner and movie.  I showed up around 6 to Norman and Gus sitting on the front porch.  We helped Norman move some wood in his barn to make room for his tools.  Then before we were going to fix dinner I climbed a tree [...]

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