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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “November, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 236

DAY 23611.26.07TREE 160
Kind of a disappointing day.  Not too bad, but a few things transpired that weren’t so good.  I went to the Mount to take down my show.  It was a little sad but, really, I knew it was not meant to be forever.  I just need to concentrate on the future.  It [...]

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DAY 235

DAY 23511.25.07TREE 159
Lazy Sunday.  Just as I decided to get out of my sweatpants and into clothes I can climb in, the rain started.  I walked out the front door and the drops started to trickle on the fallen leaves. 

The sound was quite nice actually.  But my reaction was strange.  I went back [...]

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DAY 234

DAY 23411.24.07TREE 158
I dropped my brother off at the Cincinnati airport this afternoon.  I came prepared to climb because I thought I might on the way back.  But, instead, I worried about gas.  I was supposed to fill up at a Marathon station because my parents have a card that gives them a rebate.  [...]

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DAY 233

DAY 23311.23.07TREE 157
Today I met up with Aaryn at Tom Sawyer Park at 4pm.  She wanted to run and I wanted to climb a tree.  But first, we caught up since we haven’t seen each other in a few months.  It was nice to just walk around and talk, plus I got to scout [...]

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DAY 232

DAY 23211.22.07TREE 156
Thanksgiving day.  It got really cold over night.  I took Scott to the Mount to see my show.  I was planning to climb a tree but we were on a time limit and I really had to trim some pots I made on Monday.  Plus I got into this long conversation with [...]

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DAY 231

DAY 23111.21.07TREE 155
After getting off work early due to rain, I drove all over looking for a decent tree to climb in this wet weather.  I finally settled on climbing at the St. Francis Elementary School campus in Oldham County.  Good thing school was out today because I don’t want to get hassled for [...]

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DAY 230

DAY 230 11.20.07 TREE 154
I think today was the closest I came to almost forgetting to climb a tree.  Back to work again this morning, up at 5:30AM.  I learned how to use a chainsaw today.  Made a few mistakes.  Par for the course.  I learn from the mistakes.  Then after work I [...]

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DAY 229

DAY 229 11.19.07 TREE 153
I returned to the Mary Anderson Center today to run some errands, see people, and climb a tree.  It started with a nice lunch at La Rosita’s in New Albany with Norman and Marla.  Then it was a long trip to IUS to return a DVD.  Long because I [...]

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DAY 228

DAY 228 11.18.07 TREE 152
Today I made sure to climb a tree in the daylight.  As always, I wanted a good challenging climb in a tall tree.  With all the wooded areas around my parents’ place I was sure I could find a real nice one in walking distance.  I’ve already found some [...]

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DAY 227

DAY 227 11.17.07 TREE 151
It got dark before I knew it today.  I made a very late lunch and sat in front of the TV to eat it.  Then I got sucked into a movie that didn’t end till 6pm.  Afterwards I got the proper attire, my camera and ribbon, and headed outside.  [...]

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