DAY 212

DAY 212
TREE 136

Second day of work and I have to say I have mixed feelings.  It doesn’t help that early in the day I was asked to drive this huge truck and after about a quarter mile I let out the clutch too fast and broke the axle.  There was a huge POP!  Then it wouldn’t go.  I felt awful and inept.  The rest of the day was interesting and it was beautiful in Bernheim Forest.  After work I raced home to change then met my parents for dinner.  Then I had to run to Michelle’s so we could drive together to Actor’s Theatre’s $25 & under art sale. 

(these coasters were in-progress… edges were later sewn.)

There I sold four of my place settings, four coasters, (and here is the wonderful news) one photograph with journal entry from the Daily Climb project Part 1!  Day 54 I believe.

(actually DAY 47)

It’s the image of the green beech leaves with a blue ribbon visible in the center.  It’s the first person to buy one that isn’t a friend or relative.  That was awesome.  By 11pm I hadn’t climbed and I needed to get back to my camera in my truck which was at Michelle’s then climb, and Michelle wanted to dance.  I cut her off because I was getting angry.  After she dropped me off I drove right to U of L and parked on 3rd.  I walked to the main entrance loop with the big sign and climbed a tree in that center quad.  It was dark but fun.  I was hyper-aware of sounds because I didn’t want to cause suspicion. 

I got up to the top and took some long exposure shots. 

A nice cool night and I was glad to finally climb. 

What a long day.  And It wasn’t over then.  I climbed down and drove to a friend of Norman’s and partied.  I didn’t get home till 3 am.  But at least I got my climb in.  It scares me to think what it would mean to miss. 

11-2-08:  Oh man!  That morning was so awful.  When that axle broke I just kept repeating "this isn’t happening, this isn’t happening."  I was working with Aaron and Matt and they were both very cool and nice about it.  But Robert, the boss, had to drive all the way out to Bernheim, which is a an hour drive from the Greenhaven office, to fix the truck.  It was a bad start to my time there. 

But that night ended well and it was nice to sell some of my work.  Michelle and I made those place settings and coasters in her studio with new linoleum prints on muslin. 

Last night I went to Drew’s office on Main to meet MaryLiz and Matt (Ooley) for band practice.  We played for a little while, mostly just hanging out and making some noise.  It was more of a therapeutic session than anything else.  We all went outside and I found a tree just around the corner to climb. 

At first I was going to pass it on and find something else because of this:

But then I thought, what the hell, give it try, it would make a good story.  So I shimmied up the trunk with a little help from the fence.  When I got to the barbed wire I rested my arms on top, readjusted my leg grip and kept going.  No problem.  I reached the branches and pulled myself up without ever getting snagged.  I climbed the rest of the way up the tree to the top and did as usual.

This is the back of Drew’s building.  You can see the lights on in the second floor windows.

I climbed back down and met back up with MaryLiz and Matt and told them about my climb.  They walked with me back to the tree and I told them about the barbed wire and how I could see the Aegon Building.  Then I realized I can see that building from probably more than half of the trees I have climbed around Louisville.