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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “December, 2008” are listed below.

DAY 266

DAY 26612.26.07TREE 191 & 192
Back to the track.  Scott wanted to run again and it was a sunny day today. 

We got in the truck and went down tot he high school and there were a few cars already parked there.  A family with many kids were playing football and a few others were [...]

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DAY 265

DAY 26512.25.07TREE 190
Christmas day.  I got up early and went to church with everyone except my brother.  He couldn’t wake up.  My mom was already there because she’s in the bell choir.  I hate church and only went as a gift to my mom.  But I got through it okay.  I considered leaving the [...]

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DAY 264

DAY 26412.24.07TREE 189
Christmas Eve and Scott and I spent most the day out shopping for last minute gifts.  We drove all over the place and I constantly looked for good trees.  We stopped at Skyline Chili for a snack and there were some decent tree around there but I chose not to climb any of [...]

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DAY 263

DAY 26312.23.07TREE 188
What a windy day. 

The rain came in the evening before and washed the warm weather away.  I layered up and had a winter hat and hood on my head.  The wind whipped along in strong gusts freezing my chin.  I had recently noticed a field behind the houses across the street of [...]

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DAY 262

DAY 26212.22.07TREE 187
It was a very nice day.  I got to sleep in, the sun was shining, and the temperature got up to 63 degrees.  I didn’t have to work and I could climb whenever I wanted.  My brother wanted to go run so I thought I’d join him and climb a tree.  He [...]

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DAY 261

DAY 26112.21.07TREE 186
Ahh Friday.  Last day of work for 2007.  And it wasn’t a bad day really.  I got to work by myself at Sarah Frederick’s house making her a mulch walkway.  She called later to thank me for my good work.  Then I recycled some cardboard.  While loading it into the truck I stepped [...]

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DAY 260

DAY 26012.20.07TREE 185
The tingling in my fingers is just wearing off.  All day it was cloudy but dry.  I was tired from the moment I woke and it lasted all through the work day.  So when I got home all I wanted to do was take a nap.  When I awoke in the dark [...]

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DAY 259

DAY 25912.19.07TREE 184
My crew and I went to Bernheim Forest to remove a large elm today.  Then I went home tired again.  It’s getting harder and harder to motivate myself to climb with the little daylight that remains after work.  Usually after dinner, though, my energy revives.  I had a gift I wanted to [...]

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DAY 258

DAY 25812.18.07TREE 183
Back to work today.  The job was  on a new home construction site.  When we got there the ground was all frozen.  But after a couple hours it started to thaw.  Then everything became a muddy mess.  Aaron and BJ dropped a few trees and I struggled to drag the brush up [...]

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DAY 257

DAY 25712.17.07TREE 181 & 182
I spent a long while on the computer today.  My main goal was to job search but I did a lot of other crap too.  I have been good about not playing a lot of card games though.  Anyway, once I finally got off the computer I went out to [...]

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