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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “January, 2009” are listed below.

DAY 301

DAY 301 01.30.08 TREE 135
Last night there was a fast moving severe storm.  It moved along as a long strip from Indiana all the way down to Missouri.  Winds were up to 80 mph and tornadoes and hail were sighted.  It passed by as I watched TV in a matter of 5 to 10 [...]

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DAY 300

DAY 30001.29.08TREE 133
300 days in a row!  It feels like a milestone in theory, but felt like any other day.  After work I drove to Indiana to climb the sycamore by Taco Bell off Route 150. 

It was rush hour so I decided to leave my all brown uniform on to help keep me as [...]

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DAY 299

DAY 299 01.28.08 TREE 134
I went up to the Mount in the morning to climb, see Norm, get online, pick up some money owed to me, and practice my climbing with gear.  First thing I did was to stop in at the pottery studio and see what happened to Norman Saturday night.  He was [...]

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DAY 298

DAY 298 01.27.08 TREE 128
I drove out to the Mary Anderson Center to climb the big tree down by the lake that I had climbed when the IUS 3-D class came and I led them on a walk through the woods.  When I arrived no one was there.  Emily was there but I just [...]

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DAY 297

DAY 297 01.26.08 TREE 137
I drove to Butchertown around 3pm after picking up some beer. 

I got beer for the Halfway To Forecastle pre-party.  Tonight I’m going to see Band of Horses… (time passes)… I saw them, they were awesome and so was VHS or Beta.  Plus Barack Obama won the South Carolina primary [...]

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DAY 296

DAY 29601.25.08TREE 130
Instead of going to climb right after work I just went home.  Plans were shaping up and I wanted to make the climb fit in as conveniently as possible.  And since I was going to be going to the Late Seating at Actors Theatre with Will and his new friend, Annie, at 10:30pm [...]

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DAY 295

DAY 295 01.24.08 TREE 129
What a damn cold miserable day!  It started at about 25 degrees and only got colder.  I went out with Jacob to grind stumps.  He was furious all day as we both just stood in the cold.  I was actually happy to rake because it warmed me up.  The worst [...]

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DAY 294

DAY 294 01.23.08 TREE 127
I drove to Highlander Point after work to climb the tree behind the Jay-C. 

It all worked out because Norm wanted to get dinner at the new Cuban restaurant before his clay class at 6.  I called when I got to the parking lot and told him I’d be about [...]

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DAY 293

DAY 293 01.22.08 TREE 125 & 126
One more day off from work today to regain my strength.  I took the morning slow and easy and I’m really starting to feel normal again.  After a good part of the day had gone by I drove the Mount.  I stopped in at the clay studio just [...]

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DAY 292

DAY 292 01.21.08 TREE 121
I woke up this morning feeling much better.  I got through the whole night without getting up.  I took it really easy and had a very light, small, simple breakfast.  Then I was on the computer wasting time when I thought, I feel better, I should go to the Mount [...]

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