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Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “February, 2009” are listed below.

DAY 318

DAY 318 02.16.08 TREE 201
Sleeping right next to my parents is always a little strange.  My family has always been quite conservative and closed off.  We don’t see each other naked and don’t share our emotions often.  So to be in the same room when they change for bed, go to the bathroom, kiss [...]

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DAY 317

DAY 31702.15.08TREE 43I worked at a very nice house today off Speed Avenue by Bardstown Road.  The gated backyard is filled with metal and stone sculptures.  I was tempted to ask the owner to give me a little sculptural tour during my break or lunch but he never showed his face after we first arrived.  [...]

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DAY 316

DAY 31602.14.08TREE 152
I clocked out from work today feeling little concern for what the boss may think.  It feels really good to know I’ll be leaving this job soon.  I made the right decision.  And though I have no other job lined up, I am certain things will fall into place.  For one, my idea [...]

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DAY 315

DAY 31502.13.08TREE 158
Where do I begin?  It snowed all day at work.  Jake and I went downtown to Old Louisville to work on storm damage.  We were in a back yard and there were these 3 rectangular fountain-looking things.  They looked empty except for a layer of snow at the bottom.  A cut piece of [...]

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DAY 314

DAY 31402.12.08TREE 161My boss called last night and said I didn’t have to come into work today.  We finally got some real snow here.  And by real I mean about 2-4 inches which is quite pitiful.  But it closed all the schools down.  People really freak out here with a little snow.  Granted, we did [...]

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DAY 313

DAY 31302.11.08TREE 150
Mondays… my day off.  I did a little job searching and messing around.  The afternoon approached quickly and my dad warned me of a severe winter storm that was on its way.  I had been biding my time, waiting for school to let out.  I was going to climb the tree at North [...]

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DAY 312

DAY 31202.10.08TREE 154
I did something today that I have not done for quite some time.  I worked out at a gym.  MaryLiz recently joined a gym over on Baxter Avenue but she had been saying how she doesn’t really know what to do.  So I offered up my knowledge and services as someone who started [...]

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DAY 311

DAY 31102.09.08TREE 151
At about mid-afternoon I thought I should go climb my tree.  I knew which one I was going to climb.  The tree in the next neighborhood up 393.  The one on the edge of this one property where, last time, I was scared as hell because the owner came out with a flash [...]

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DAY 310

DAY 31002.08.08TREE 200
A new tree to take the place of an Oregon tree reclimb.  Yet this tree isn’t so new.  I’ve tried twice now to run up its trunk and wrap my arms around the first massive, moss-covered limb.  It is the beautiful, wide-spread tree in a field all by itself in Seneca Park.  Its [...]

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DAY 309

DAY 30902.07.08TREE 149
I worked and came home.  I got on the computer and listened to my podcasts.  Before I knew it hours had gone by and it was near dinner time.  My dad and I were waiting for my mom to get home from bell practice so we could go out to eat.  She finally [...]

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