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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “March, 2009” are listed below.

DAY 361

DAY 36103.30.08
TREE 189

I did not feel good when I woke up this morning.  No, make that afternoon.  I guess I partied a little too hard with Will, Charlotte, and LeighAnn last night.  I also completely forgot that I told Michelle I’d meet her at Zephyr at noon to help hang her show.  Of course, she [...]

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DAY 360

DAY 36003.29.08TREE 198

Wow!  Today’s climb is easily one of the most memorable, crazy, and scary climbs, but at the same time exciting… just really incredible.  I left home about one thirty and headed to J-town to go to Natalie’s house.  I called her last night to make arrangements for my visit.  When I got there [...]

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DAY 359

DAY 35903.28.08TREE 193 & 155

We had some major down pours last night and early this morning.  I got up, got ready, and went to the Garner’s to do some work.  Will and I did some landscaping down at the bottom of the driveway.  As we removed some pesky honey suckle and straightened up the fence [...]

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DAY 358

DAY 35803.27.08TREE 191 & 192

This time I didn’t make the mistake of waiting.  I drove to the Oldham County High School track in the morning during school.  



That way I knew where the kids would be… in class.  When I pulled up there were three trucks parked on the inside of the fence.  It seemed [...]

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DAY 357

DAY 357
TREE 187

I waited through the day to climb.  I figured by 7:15pm, everyone at the Oldham County High School track would be gone. I was way wrong.  I sat there in my truck watching these kids finish up track practice.  I think there were other practices going on as well in other places.  At [...]

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DAY 356

DAY 356
TREE 181 & 182

On a windy late afternoon I decided it would be best to climb the two trees in the wooded lot behind my parents’ house.  



I walked out the back door, across the tennis court, and hopped the wooden fence.  I went between the growing stick piles and then to the right [...]

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DAY 355

DAY 355
TREE 190

I drove over to the Oldham County High School track to reclimb the tree by the back left fence.  When I got there it was crowded with athletes, coaches, and parents.  I didn’t even get out of my truck.  I just turned around and drove right back out.  Only I turned right and [...]

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DAY 354

DAY 35403.23.08TREE 186

Easter Sunday.  Fun Fact: the next time Easter will be this early is 2228.  It was cold today.  The family and I got up, ate a nice egg breakfast and then went to a Methodist Church service.  I chose to read the Bible instead of listening or participating.  There are some crazy stories [...]

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DAY 353

DAY 353 03.22.08 TREE184
Last night my sister, her husband, and their kid showed up for the Easter weekend. Today we’ve been hanging out, watching March Madness and playing with my nephew, Mitchell.  He runs all around and makes a lot of noise but he still can’t talk yet.  I can’t wait for that.  Really, [...]

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DAY 352

DAY 35203.21.08TREE 185

Today was Good Friday… and it was pretty good.  



The sun was shining and my dad went for a joy ride in his convertible Camaro.  I waited to climb till after school let out so I could park in the Oldham County High School lot.  



It was about 4:30 when I left.  I [...]

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