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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “April, 2009” are listed below.

DAY 365 – END of 1 YEAR

DAY 36504.03.08TREE 199


My last tree.  I made it!  I never missed a day for 365 days in a row.  It has been an incredible year with many accomplishments and memorable events.  



As I stood in my tree today with the rain trickling down on me I thought of where I was one year ago. [...]

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DAY 364

DAY 36404.02.08TREE 207

I met one of my mom’s friends, Leslie Orthober, at my show at the Mary Anderson Center last fall.  She seemed to really enjoy my work and gave good constructive criticisms.  She also told me about a tree in her yard that she thought I would like to climb.  She described it as [...]

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DAY 363

DAY 36304.01.08TREE 197

I’ve been on a bit of a bad schedule, doing things I don’t even like to do.  I have been staying up till 3am watching television.  Then I get up late, eat breakfast and  go directly to the computer.  I understand the importance and possibility of the internet and don’t want to give [...]

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DAY 362

DAY 36203.31.08TREE 188

I had thought that I had two days left where I could climb new trees since I had less trees to reclimb than days left in the year.  This evening I was reading through entries of the first climbs to make sure my tree numbers were accurate.  They weren’t and I realized I [...]

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