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Posts from “October, 2009” are listed below.

August 2009 – Week 4

October 7th 2009 – I am so behind, Ryan’s fiance I mention below is now his wife!
This is the week I definitely felt like I was starting to get the hang of night shots. 
This was also the week I saw my first cicada killer wasp. They look like wasps but are MUCH larger and can pick up whole [...]

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August 2009 – Week 3

October 7th 2009 – There are few climbs in this week that I remember fondly. Lately I have been climbing a lot of trees late at night, and easy ones just to get it over with. I haven’t been challenging myself all that much or finding new movement within them. I need to push my skill set. It [...]

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August 2009 – Week 2

October 7th 2009 – I took quite the break from writing and taking pictures during this week. Though I must have had my camera on me most the time. I think I just need a break from the constant pressure I put on myself to record each climb. Sometimes it just feels better to get out, get in [...]

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August 2009 – Week 1

October 6th 2009 – Two months to catch up on. I can do it, I can do it. The hottest month turned out to be one of the coolest. In the first week I get very into my Macro function on my camera. Enjoy!

DAY 850 08.01.09 – On a stone, I jumped to a tree trunk, [...]

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July 2009 – Week 4

October 6th 2009 – Way behind now. But the Light Maps show is up at Zephyr Gallery, the opening reception was last Friday (Oct 2nd) and it was a great weekend. Thanks to Natalie Biesel and Drew McChesney for their help and making the whole project an awesome success and really amazing and fun experience. [...]

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