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Posts from “November, 2009” are listed below.

October 2009 – Week 4

Looking back, this was one eventful week. Lots of good climbs and fun times. I love fall. It is so beautiful right now. I got a lot of hiking in and had a good Halloween.
And with this I am officially caught up. Let’s see how long it lasts. Be sure to go back and [...]

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October 2009 – Week 3

This week seems to be the first in a while with a little more consistency in entry length and picture taking. Short and sweet with a few images. But the Cottonwood climb at the Falls below is a favorite as of late. I really should climb more during the day. The images seem to have [...]

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October 2009 – Week 2

The week of the moves. I helped Drew and Natalie move in, out, you name it,we were all over the place in the rain, cleaning. Fun times. I got the climbs in when I could and didn’t have my camera on me much. Except on the 12th when I was apparently camera happy.
You’ll also notice how much [...]

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October 2009 – Week 1

The week of the opening. Light Maps at Zephyr Gallery 610 E. Market Street. Gallery hours Wednesday – Saturday 11am- 6pm. Show is up till November 14th. Also open this coming Friday for the First Friday Trolley Hop 6-9pm.
I have included a lot of images from the opening reception. Enjoy!
It was a big culmination and [...]

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September 2009 – Week 4

November 2nd 2009 – I got my final prints for the show and hung them in this week. It was a hectic finish but I felt the show came out great. The members of Zephyr really gave me great responses.
Again it made for some brief entries. I have again added my memories in italics.
I also noticed [...]

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September 2009 – Week 3

November 2nd 2009 – This is the week I got really busy with the show and just stopped writing much of anything in my entries. One below just says "Walden." So the words in italics I just added from memory to expand on the entry and give you a better idea of what happened. Not many [...]

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September 2009 – Week 2

November 2nd 2009 – In this week you will see I am starting to get into the preparation for my show. This activity was the main reason I put off climbing till late at night. I was feeling pretty overwhelmed but it also felt good to be getting stuff done. It was still a good practice for [...]

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September 2009 – Week 1

November 2nd 2009 – Lesson NOT learned. Below in the second day you will read that I sustained a leg injury due to not properly stretching and warming up. Well… yesterday (Nov. 1st) I was at the Falls of the Ohio doing Parkour and didn’t warm-up or stretch and pulled a muscle in my butt. Lesson learned? [...]

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