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Daily Climb

Climbing a tree everyday


Posts from “May, 2010” are listed below.

Trip 2010 – Week 1: NYC & W Mass.

I got off my Southwest flight in the La Guardia airport and headed to baggage claim to get my pack. I had shoved my sandals in the front pocket that doesn’t have a zipper and found I only had one left. Luckily a man came from behind the carousel holding my other sandal. I ran [...]

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February 2010

I moved out of my little house on N Jane St. at the end of January expecting to leave soon for a rambling adventure of travel and tree climbing. But circumstances delayed the trip and I didn’t leave till the 27th. The month was cold and many tree climbs happened quickly and without photography. The [...]

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January 2010 – Weeks 2-4

Though I did climb everyday, I did follow through with the plan and did not photograph most of the climbs. Hence the cramming of 3 weeks into one entry.

A clear view out from a tree in the middle of Tyler Park

So all these captions are coming from my memory as I review these images. And [...]

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January 2010 – Week 1

I am back and now playing catch-up. After day 1000 on Dec. 29th I debated whether to stop this daily climb routine. Then 2009 became 2010 and I debated again. I have realized no matter how much I debate I cannot stop. What I have stopped doing is keeping track of what tree, where, and [...]

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